Fifty shades of video games

  • Thursday, Mar 4, 2021

One of the many thrills a video game provides is diversification, creating an endless loop of choices to pick from. There are already various types of experiences already out there, with online mode now in the mix, you can connect and play with or against other players. Let us look at a list of all the types of online and video games today.

Types of video games

A video game is classified based on its gameplay, that is the type of interaction, rather than its appearance or storyline. It could also be a video game with the online mode, or strictly an offline game, for example, the Fifa 20 game has an online mode and offline mode. We can, therefore, call it a video game and an online game. Here are the types of video games genre:

Action: action games are packed with a large amount of violence and rapid-paced nature. This could involve a lot of shooting, while some come with a high level of gore. Most games in this category are M-rated (mature-rated), which makes them inappropriate for children. Some examples of this game are; star wars: Jedi Knight king and Devil may cry.

Arcade: arcade games take the wider scope of things, covering a spectrum of ratings rather than sticking to one. An arcade game could be as simple as spider solitaire to more violent types like street fighter.

Adventure: adventure games are a blend of fantasy and player indulging experience. They do not really involve much graphics like action games but rather focuses on an element of reality. these games allow a high amount of user dialog with elements in the game. The games are addictive and often involve a bit of violence. Some examples are; final fantasy and creaks.

Strategy: this genre involves more critical thinking and strategic movements in order to defeat an AI or another player. They come in different forms, from simple board games like chess and scrabble, to more complex action games like Advanced Wars 1 & 2. Many strategy games are appropriate for children, although the more advanced ones might be a little bit more difficult.

Simulation: these games are mostly simulations where you get to do something you probably haven’t done before, like flying an aircraft or living in a reality TV show. Flying an aircraft simulation is accompanied by missions that involve destroying an enemy in a fellow aircraft or more. They are less graphic and do not involve much violence. Examples are the X-plane, or life simulation games like The Sims.

Driving: most driving games involve a race with extra missions that can be accomplished asides fighting for no 1 spot. Cars or bikes are upgradeable, and the missions get more difficult as you progress. Examples are Need for speed, asphalt, and dirty bike racing.

Puzzle: puzzle games require a combination of thinking, logic, and strategy. They are mostly rated E (everyone) and can be played by just about any age group. Examples are Tetris, and jigsaw puzzles. Sometimes, puzzles are incorporated into other games without the whole game falling in the puzzle genre.

Types of Online Games

Online games are mainly played through the internet or local computer networks. They could be on PCs, consoles, or even mobile devices, and could be games from any genre. Here are the types of online games;

Online Casino Games: games with this title are enjoyed by many around the world, and played with real money which you can lose or earn. A major example is seen in the William Hill Vegas Style casino games. Players from around the world can experience the feel of playing in a casino from their respective homes.

First-person shooters: basically the most popular type of online game, you get to go up against players from all corners of the earth. They test skills and reaction time, with a blend of action, highly detailed environment to give an awesome experience. Some examples of this are counter-strike, and Call of Duty.

Sports Games: this type simulates how good you are in a particular sport vs other players. Most of them can be either played online through an internet connection and also in offline mode like Pro evolution soccer 2020 or Fifa 2020.

Strategy Games: the description of online strategy games does not change from our already discussed video type. It only comes with the exception of being completely online. Its nature allows users to plan attacks and strategies to perfection in order to best their opponent. An example is XCOM 2.

Multiplayer games: multiplayer games allow more than one player to play at a time. The game mode could be locally or online setup, and comes with thrilling and realistic gameplay experiences and a bit of adventure. Basically, the multiplayer mode could be found in most other genres.

Adventure games: they fall in the adventure genre, but are played online. A good example is the walking dead.

Strategy and Card games: these games pitches users versus each other through online interaction, and are very popular today. Card games like poker, spades, and simulation games like sims could be played online.


With online and video games, there are unlimited ways to have fun on the internet and locally, with options that you cannot exhaust. Discover what works for you and have a good time exploring!